Module-based SQL Tuning Strategy
 Case Study Summary

Database is usually a shared environment but our tuning goal may focus on one application at a time. ASH data contains a set of application-related variables for us to identify different applications running against database. Those application-related variables include user name, service name, module, action, program, machine(11g only), client ID.

This example describes a scenario of how to start troubleshooting SQL performance issue for a specific module. We can apply this module-based SQL tuning strategy to other application-related variables such as user-based, or service-based, etc. DBspeed offers you the option to select any application-related variables and their combinations using few clicks!

The list of steps include:

 Step 1 : List top modules

 Step 2 : List top SQL statements for a specific module

 Step 3 : List top want events for a specific SQL statement from a module

 Step 4 : Time analysis of SQL Stats for a SQL statement

 Step 5 : Resource consumption analysis of SQL Stats for a SQL statement

 Step 6 : Identify the machine from which a specific SQL statement runs

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